The Best EV Charging Solution for Businesses and Institutions

Affordable, Sustainable EV Charging With No Construction or Maintenance!

SolaflectEV solar chargers allow employers to offer EV-driving employees a clean energy solution to handle daily commuting mileage needs and beyond.

Solar trackers produce 40% more power per panel than fixed solar panels, Learn More Solaflect Main Website


Developed in Partnership with the US Department of Energy

Award-Winning Solar Technology

Solaflect's solar tracking technology, developed in partnership with the US Department of Energy, is the most advanced on the market.

Mounted with solar panels that follow the sun, Solaflect trackers produce 40% more power per panel than fixed systems. Since 2007, Solaflect has installed over 1,200 Solaflect trackers with over 40 million hours of reliable operation.

The Ways We Save You Money

Choose the Most Cost-Efficient EV Charger Available!

Affordable to Purchase or Lease

SolaflectEV is affordable, with the cost of purchase or lease covering the 25-year lifespan of the unit.

No Ongoing Fees or Charges

There are no utility fees or network charges, setting SolaflectEV apart from traditional EV charging stations.

Zero-Cost Installation

Lease and pay nothing, compared to traditional EV charging installations that can cost from $15,000-$30,000 per station.

No Digging or Construction Costs!

No need for construction, digging, or electricians to connect to the utility and network.

No Need for Electrical Updates!

Eliminates the need for updates or upgrades to electrical infrastructure.

No More Utility Rate Increases!

Stops ongoing utility costs and the annual rate and demand charge increases.

Get Federal & State Tax Credits!

Eligible for 30% fed tax credit, 18% accelerated depreciation, and state tax incentives.


Join the SolaflectEV Renewable Energy Revolution

Clean, Reliable, and Cost-Effective EV Charging!

SolaflectEV solar chargers provide a game-changing solution for businesses and institutions seeking a clean, reliable, and cost-effective way to offer EV charging to their employees. With its advanced solar tracking technology, innovative onboard winter protection, and zero installation or ongoing utility and network costs, SolaflectEV solar chargers set a new standard for sustainability and affordability in the EV charging industry.

Purchasing or leasing a SolaflectEV solar charger is a smart decision that pays for itself over time. Don't miss the opportunity to join the SolaflectEV Renewable Energy Revolution Today!

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